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Clothing and Other Exhibits

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

We have early 1900s fashion such as Bikini styles by Paula Stafford, that you’ve never seen before and photography of Ivy’s beautiful style. Plus SO MUCH MORE!

Ivy Hassard

Ivy Hassard was born in our very own Ipswich, in 1914 on the 8th of June, and is to this day one of the most famous Australian clothing artists.

She had excelled at many musical instruments, but her dream had been to become a world famous pianist. After seeing his daughter overcome with stage fright, Ivy's father purchased a Tiger Moth airplane for her to learn, at the tender age of 16. Just two years later, she received her full license and began her career as aviatrix and aerobatics pilot.

Heavily disadvantaged due to her male colleagues, Ivy had been determined to stand out and embrace the fact that she was working in a male-orientated career. Thus began the story of the aviatrix who brought fashion to the skies.

Below exhibits a model wearing Ivy Hassard fashion, her boutique and lastly Paula Stafford bikinis.

The history of our Australian clothes not piquing your interests? Maybe come and visit Dolan’s Barn, our very own backyard Bunnings of the 1900s. It houses machinery that are both fully operational and relics from the past. For more information on Dolan’s Barn, visit the Buildings and Cottages Page.

There are many, many more exhibits to see at the Museum, but here’s a quick list just to get you interested, but you can find more Australian Treasures when visiting:

  • Cable Station and Ambulance Collections

  • Paula Stafford Collection

  • Ivy Hassard Collection

  • Aboriginal Shell Midden Site

  • Early Settler Grave Sites (we ask you be respectful when visiting this section of our museum)

  • Two Lister-Petter Engines restored from 1876

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