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April 2020

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Est. 1972

ABN: 97 487 695 909


Museum Address:

8 Elliott Street

Surfers Paradise Qld 4217

Postal Address:

PO Box 800

Southport BC Qld 4215

Welcome to the President’s April 2020 Report.

- With the current Covid-19 virus issue, our doors are closed until further notice. We will email everyone when there has been a decision to re-open. All advanced group bookings have been cancelled, with the option to reschedule later.

- Five fire extinguishers are now installed. Volunteers will be instructed in the correct use of the equipment, once we are all back at work.

- We now have hot water in the kitchen, after how many years!? Thanks to our volunteer plumber / gas fitter, Terry. He’s done an excellent job in installing the equipment. A member donated a full bottle of gas which should last for a long time.

- The oldest computer gave up the ghost, but luckily we could retrieve the data and a member donated a computer to replace the dead one.

- Council advised us to get quotes for the replacement of the eastern boundary fence, to replace posts and wire of the existing boundary fence alignment and also to replace wire on the Northern fence.

- Work is planned to start later this month. The power pole is scheduled to be replaced this month, thanks to Council. I must compliment the gardening crew on their efforts in maintaining the grounds in pristine condition while the Museum is closed.

- Destination Gold Coast has finally updated the museum’s name and the facility information on their website.

- If you can record anything to do with the Covid-19 event for future Museum memorabilia e.g. newspaper clippings, photos pertaining to the event etc, please do. I have taken over 150 photos from around the Coast so far including eg. supermarket shelves signage in shops, highway signs etc.

David Leitch

President Phone: 0421 490 035


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